La Mode is a production house based in Dhaka, Bangladesh creating premium quality, ethically crafted footwear and accessories for women. The products are crafted with care by local artisans using locally and internationally sourced cruelty free material, all the while ensuring that the standards for the international market is met in terms of quality and design. 



La Mode takes its inspiration from the people who matter the most to the company: its prevailing and loyal clientele. La Mode moulds its collection according to the needs and demands of its clientele, teamed with inspiration from the designs that are taking the current fashion world by a storm. There is a collection catering to the needs of every occasion or season, starting from waterproof monsoon flats to the gorgeously embellished heels for festive seasons. The goal of the company is to able to create a series of shoes suited to the likings of every lady out there so that there is a pair for everyone to cherish.