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Hridi Ahmed 

“Working with La Mode has always been a pleasure and I have always had the smoothest ride working on collaborations with them. Everyone on the team is very kind, understanding and cooperative. They have always given me an adequate amount of time for each collaboration for me to be able to produce my best work. My utmost love and respect for the team. Best wishes for La Mode.”

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Tahrim Eats

"Collaborating with La Mode has been an awesome time. Everyone on the crew is kind, warm, and accommodating. Not only that, but I also got complete creative freedom to display my work, which is important to me. They also encouraged me to do things my way. When someone provides you the opportunity to present your work with complete support, it means a lot. I send my love and respect to Team La Mode.”

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La Mode is one of the Bangladeshi brands that grasped the value of influencer marketing early on when hardly any brands managed to do so.Since 2013 La Mode has worked and collaborated with many renowned influencers, who have showcased their unique style with La Mode. That has impacted both the brand and the influencers positively. Everyone has seen growth in their audience and their business as well.If you'd like to work with us, please bring your creative energy to the table. It will allow us to both; grow in the manner we want by doing some incredible work.


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Level - 3, Rosa Bella, House No. 3, Road No. 17, Block - D, Banani, Dhaka.



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