Back To School Essentials with Afsaraficent

As the wise Heather Stillufsen once said “New month, new’s back to school and back to work!..." We bring you the same positive attitude in our trendy new collaboration featuring the sweet yet sassy Afsara Tasnim.

She is a fashion forward individual who sets trends with a fun twist. Her instagram blog thrives in areas of fun fashion, makeup and delicious food.

As Afsara demonstrates, this bag has dual purposes and can be fashioned as both a slingback or a bagpack. In a rich chocolatey brown shade, it is perfectly ideal for carrying any quintessential items required for school!

According to Afsara, this pretty pink sandals will definitely give your desi look, a very comfortable, elegant touch and by wearing it for the whole day, for those planning to go out with their friends after a hectic day of classes.

Fashionista Afsara knows that for any student, presentation day is a very important day. For the perfect presentation look she chooses a gorgeous pair of peep toe shoes in brilliant blue to create a very bold look!

Beauty enthusiast Afsara Tasnim dons a pair of pristine white stilettos for her lunch date due it's ease of comfort and stylistic appeal. 

For any lazy Sunday outings or tours out of town with your gang she chooses a pair of lush loafers in olive green to compliment her outfit. It will make you feel cozy and so playful that any trip will turn out to be your best trip ever!

It was a wonderful collaboration to create this look! To catch a glimpse of more such winter wonders visit or find us on Facebook Stay tuned and we'll be seeing you soon with our next story!