Making Things Differently

Fahmida Islam

La Mode’s mission and vision is largely client-centric. Most clients come to our store after seeing the product online, and we try our best to create a comfortable shopping environment for the client, and try our best to advise them with their best interests in mind. For example, at times, a gorgeous style may not suit the client’s needs or comfort levels properly. In that case, we would advise the client to try something different, even if the other design means that we would earn less. Our policy is to create long lasting and mutually fulfilling relationships with our clients,...

What Ethically Made Means To Us

Fahmida Islam

“Ethically Handcrafted in Bangladesh” - That tagline might seem like “just another trendy sales pitch”.  But here at La Mode, words matter a lot. To us that tagline is not an easy statement to make, and with it comes a challenge to ourselves. To always provide the best. And to do it in an ethical way. At La Mode, our ethics aren’t just reserved for our products - its a way of life. We conduct our business with the highest respect for key moral principles that include honesty, fairness, equality, dignity, diversity and individual rights. This means working with suppliers...

Inspiration, Inception and Initiation

Fahmida Islam

Our journey began among the salty sands of the longest natural beach in the world - Cox's Bazar, where our founders were born and brought up there. They grew up and moved to Dhaka, the capital city to attend University. While studying at University, they both felt the need to do something to provide for themselves, and being entrepreneurs at heart, they naturally had to . They opened one of the first online boutiques, and started selling fashionable clothes to the style conscious ladies of Dhaka City. At that time, people in Dhaka had very limited choice when they wanted...

"AYDHA" : the bold and brilliant

Labiba Mustabina

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Winter Tale by Minazification feat. La Mode Winter Wear

Labiba Mustabina

Tags formal, heels, minazification, office, victoriangrace, winter

Feeling them winter vibes? So are we. We're back this wonderful season with yet another collab with Minazification, who has spun a beautiful "Winter Tale" with one of our hot sellers: The Victorian grace. Read more of what inspired this blog on As is evident from the beautifully captured shots, Victorian Grace represents the style of a bold, independent and classy woman, much like Aydha Mehnaz. She pairs our 4  inch block heel piece with a classic pinstripe pantsuit, adding a phenomenal edge to the entire look. Clearly, Victorian Grace is a pair for a woman of style and...