BTS of Shera Collection

If you ask anyone in the retail business in Bangladesh what’s the most sought-after season of the year, they will say it is the Eid season. From consumers to producers everyone is excited! We started our planning in January. 

At first, our design team took some time to research, curate and design the perfect collection. Starting with the shoes, we have ensured that there is something for everyone. If you want something that blings, we have that for you. If you want something minimalist, we also have that for you. In our collection, you can find block heels, wedges, flats, and pencil heels. If you are looking for something colorful, we suggest you pick a pair from ‘Tory’! It has a super funky design and it comes in five variants. With our bags, we applied the same formula, we wanted to provide something for everyone. So, the collection is inclusive of totes, small bags, sling bags, and even a premium leather bag, Quinn.

Once the designs were finalized, the designs were handed over to the production team. Our production team sourced the necessary materials. Eventually, it reached our artisans, who handcrafted each product of this collection. After the artisans made the design on paper come alive, they were sent to our headquarters.

Over the next few days, the media team took their time to showcase the beauty of each bag and each shoe! Countless hours of getting the perfect ‘click’ and finding the right words to describe the products were spent. Then came the interesting part, ‘What will we name this collection?’ After our product line is finalized our team researches and starts to generate custom designs. Then we finalize colors, fonts, and layouts to ensure we get something that aligns with our product line. In the end, we came up with this logo, like the products in the collection, the logo is minimalist and simultaneously detailed. Finally, we came up with our ‘সেরা কালেকশন’!

‘সেরা কালেকশন’ contains 11 shoes (Alohi, Cassidy, Eloise, Kiyana, Maya, Oriana, Savia, Serafina, Tory, Xena and Zelmira) and 10 bags (Bella, Daisy, GFriend, Gia, Grace, Heather, Miti, Quinn, Selena and Suzi. The collection was launched in two parts. Eleven shoes and five bags were launched on March 26th, 2023 and the remaining five were launched on April 02, 2023.

Working at La Mode comes with many perks, one of which is our ‘Name it, Claim it’ tradition; where employees get to name the products and claim one of the products they named. 

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