Behind the Photoshoot of Festive Fiesta Collection

A picture can convey a thousand words with an aura of mystery. At La Mode, we create designs with a clear aim and a purpose in mind : To assist you in making a style statement.

For this year ‘Eid , We wanted to do something different than the conventional photography approach that has become ubiquitous in the business. Additionally, the goal of this photoshoot was to create a refreshing ambience in contrast to the usual over-the-top sparkly accessories since We're once again blessed with a summer Ramadan and ‘Eid this year.


The arrival of sunny weather heralds the arrival of collections brimming with fresh hues. This year's theme revolves around richness, Splendor and tranquility. So, with a variety of colors, and twists on design, we are providing you with an option to suit every preference .

Consequently, the notion of fresh flowers was also born and to emphasize the feeling of freshness, we used a white backdrop and white flowers for drawing the viewer's attention to the products. That is how the entire Festive collection photoshoot turned out splendidly.

La Mode is committed to the high standard of quality, one-of-a-kind design, and brand recognition. Here, We have a special place in the hearts of our customers since we put all of our heart and effort into making each pair stand out .Here is the crew that is working around the clock to ensure that you get the finest possible service.

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