Every day monsoon

Every day is a new adventure! And this rings more true during the monsoon season. To make the rainy days more comfortable and less dreary La Mode is here with the Monsoon collection. This collection is about going about your day as you choose without experiencing complications.

La Mode is all about ensuring the best quality within a budget whilst also making sure in every step you feel comfortable. And we have done the same with our newest Monsoon Collection

In this monsoon season let Azuca help elevate your outfit with its simple and sophisticated design. Our goal with this collection has been to cater to waterproof and lightweight sandals and Azuca has these features. This pair has a waterproof inner and outer sole.

Next up we have Hishame which is a shoe that complements any outfit you pair it up with. It's a perfect pair for the monsoon days as it is water resistant. And with every step, you’ll feel easy-breezy and stylish at the same time.    


Just because the season decided to go all grey doesn't mean it can stop you from adding a pop of color to your outfit. And one of the ways you can do that is with our Mei. Its unique design makes it easy for you to look different from others. And its good belt grip and water resistance feature ensure you're at ease while getting busy on the streets. You can pair it up with any plain T-shirt or Kurti and add some black or white pants to give yourself a simple chic look effortlessly. 

Monsoon has its way of making us feel happy yet gloomy at times a touch with a touch of melancholy filling our senses with the promise of having something better in life. And while waiting for everything to fall into place, everyone continues shifting from one location to the next. And to make these rainy days make La Mode your companion that gives you comfort at every step. Our monsoon collection is giving the option to choose what suits you the best with any traditional or western outfit.

Here we are showcasing ways you can pair up our Monsoon collection shoes and look smart and chic on a rainy day as you’re on the streets. 

Anemone is one of the versatile platform pairs of our monsoon collection. The detailed design makes it very elegant. Also, this pair can be worn with any attire be it sharee, kameez, even with a t-shirt and jeans. Anemone helps to stand out with your outfit. Also, it being water resistance helps during the time of monsoon. This pair is one of those which can be suitable for women of all ages. Anemone gives you grace every step.     

Shine with La Mode’s Monsoon collection even on cloudy days because the rain isn’t stopping for anyone then; why should you? Be more and do more.



Writer- Fariha Jahin Esha

Photographer- Anika Anjum