Playful Monsoon

Rainy days are not the only best part of monsoon season. The cloudy hours before the pouring begins have a charming effect on all of us. And based on the hazy mood of the monsoon, La Mode is presenting how to have fun and playful moments during the cloudy hour with our Monsoon Collection.

"iLuvia" is one of the most unique shoes of the Monsoon Collection this year. It can be worn not only on rainy days but also while relaxing on the beach in a skirt or enjoying a casual fun day with your loved ones pairing it up with a jeans outfit. The pair is available in three colors, so you can set the mood you’re feeling.

During the monsoon, as half of the days remain cloudy, the primary option for making things feel close to nature is to have neutral tones incorporated into the outfit. One of the ways one can obtain that is through “Royoku’ which is also available in three colors, Cream, Brown, and Black. It is a water-resistant sandal with a belt for a good comfortable grip. This season, we have brought more comfortable shoes that make your feet look stylish and chic. 

This Monsoon Collection by La Mode has a variety of designs keeping every shoe lover in mind. All of us want to feel and look good even on the days when nature seems to be in a grey mode. On top of that, all of the shoes from this collection are waterproof. Flat sandals, platform heels; you say it, we have brought it this season!

Enu, is the most popular product of the monsoon collection. It got the love it deserved from you all. Wearing Enu feels like walking on a cushion. The comfortable sole is perfect for cloudy humid days. Available in rose, black and maroon, a unique addition of color to your wardrobe. 

The shoes from this monsoon collection are; all about channeling an aura of playfulness and fun to make the rainy days vibrant with every step while staying on trend effortlessly. Plus, the best part of this collection is that all the shoes are waterproof. So, you don't have to worry about your shoes when you're having a fun time during this rainy season. Make your regular days more rejoiceful with our monsoon collection today!

Writer- Fariha Jahin Esha

Photographer- Anika Anjum