Follow the rhythm of the Festive Collection with FAIROOZ NAZIFA


@fairooznazifa is an epitome of bold and jolliness. Her unique take on life takes you on a ride for adventure. Her free-spirit transpires through her music and art. Her charm and aura gives an insight of a life that is full of colors.
La Mode always chooses to cater comfort and ease for every women never giving up on the hardships with their strength and grace. This Eid, La Mode focused primarily on sharing shoes that not only be part of your festive day but also can be a friend on regular days with comfort

With a classic nude color, stunning finery, grace, and timeless appeal, @fairroznazifa brings you back to a time of richness in fashion. @fairroznazifa has always been an energizing source of inspiration. With the rich fashion of La Mode's Festive Fiesta collection, she presents you with an array of exquisite, luscious, eclectic pieces brimming with finesse and individuality

Easy to buckle up while always being on the move in life. With The Festive Fiesta, Shimmer and sparkle your way to a graceful and feminine style.

A subtle elegance that breathes comfort and classic style. Closed-toed shoes with a sleek a glistening and embossed design evoke the essence of your Eid journey.

Liberate your spirit with this fusion of classic nude heel pair. While the pair evokes the retro ‘Eid fashion,’ it can also be styled to mirror a transitory trend for a glam night out,

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