Corporate Ladies

When life is always on the go, staying in style becomes a secondary thought. But deep inside, we all desire to look our best at any given time. And so, to make your style journey simple yet chic, we have picked out some of our favorite corporate-friendly heels for you; to simultaneously make you look professional and trendy.

Here we have Adahlia, a toe-pointed block heel with checkered patterns which helps; elevate any office attire. This shoe makes you look like you are all about business and; you know what you are doing. Plus, these heels are pretty comfortable, so; you can walk in them all day long without any pain.

Just think for a moment; you are doing your usual; office work and suddenly you are asked to go someplace related to your work, where you need to look well put together. And for occasions like this, you should have Emery in your collection. A closed-toe pointed heel that makes you look like the true boss lady you are.

After office hour hangouts! Meeting up with your friends or hang out with your colleagues after office hours is the new norm now. And if you want to make a smooth transition from work hour to 

happy hour, Elrick can be your go-to pair. A loafer shoe with a houndstooth pattern. This pair is so unique that you can stand out in the office and among your peers effortlessly while being comfortable.

Being on the go means there isn’t too much room for touch-ups. Whether you need it or not you can ensure your feet don’t need any by making ELINORA a part of your outfit. 

If you’re into kitten heels, you are going to love Mayumi. This pair looks good with eastern/deshi formal outfits like kameez and kurta. And it’s comfortable so walking in them is as easy as breathing! 

To appear bolder and more confident as you are on the go getting things done at the office, make La Mode your partner in chic, and; you won’t feel the need to think about your feet as you plan out your outfits for the working week.


written by- Esha

photographed by- Anika Anjum