Errands in Style

Things are constantly changing. And one of the things that go through the most abrupt change is the weather. It has its mood and is quite unpredictable. Especially; during the monsoon season. But life must go on even; in the middle of all sorts of uncertainty. And while getting by in life, we all do errands to make life a bit comfortable and perhaps create memorable moments amid mundanity for us and our loved ones; that make us smile afterward.

To make these little moments more comfortable as you walk down the busy streets during the relentlessly changing weather, you can have Antonina as a part of your outfit. This platform heel with a glossy finish is; all about elevating your daily style. And it is one of those pairs that; have a strap system to give you a better grip at your feet.

Liu is another good option if you desire a platform heel with a matte faux leather finish. It gives you the comfort and flair you need to appear stylish in your everyday life. You can wear this pair as you go on to do the shopping for your daily essentials or get something special for your loved one. No matter the occasion, you can always opt for Linley for its versatile look.

Also, you can go for Linley. A platform heel; that makes you look chic and gives your entire body a structure that enhances your boldness. And it can be worn with anything and anywhere. If you have Liu in your closet, you won't have to think too hard about what to wear.

To carry all your daily essentials, you can select one of our favorite tote bags LAURETTE. It is a simple minimalist design that gives your outfit a modern look. And it is really spacious, so you can let the bag carry some of the burdens out of your shoulder!

Who says you can't have fun while doing errands? Even if you are doing the most simple task of the day, you can still create great moments out of it if you want to. You can easily add a touch of finesse to your day by making Linling a part of your outfit. It is a  waterproof pointed-toe flat shoe that is ideal for monsoons. So it is suitable for rough use, especially on rainy days. 

Elsie is a lovely pair of flat sandals detailed with a zigzag mixture of golden and black color. It is a fine pair for everyday wear. Good for rough use and is comfortable so you wouldn’t want to go for any other shoe when you have this on. 

Everyday life might get monotonous, but if you want to add some fun to your feet definitely; check out La Mode's collection of shoes and bags. And get prepared to be amazed by how well it makes you appear.


Written by- Esha

Photographed by- Anika Anjum