This festive season marks the time of happy tides and is a celebration of emotions. In our collaboration with fashion blogger Niloy Farhana, it is portrayed as the perfect time to dress in traditional attire in vibrant shades and flaunt matching embellishments!

Niloy Farhana stands out as a cultural icon, with her love for elegant sarees she revels in the beauty that our traditional outfits have to offer. An expert in more ways than one, her blog @madhobilota85 is an amalgamation of her ideas on skin care as a certified doctor, the latest fashion in varied styles and helpful makeup tutorials! Follow her to add a dash of colour to your daily feed! 

Series brought to life by the vision of  @lenzkraft_official

Complementing a bright purple saree along with her bangles and wrap around pencil heels in bold red, Farhana turns into a showstopper at this celebratory event! 

White sarees with red detailing are a festive favourite. Look at lovely Farhana, adding to this outfit, a decandent maroon flat with gold trimmings which gives her a perfect fit! 

Ever so beautiful Niloy Farhana has paired up the barely-there front toe flats in airy white tones which are perfect for her glittery gold and green attire!


It was a great pleasure collaborating with such a colorful individual as her! For more looks with other renowned collaborators visit www.lamodebd.com or find us on Facebook @laMode.bd. Stay tuned and we'll be seeing you soon with our next story!