Corporate Style Series by Kingtisha

The corporate world is one that is difficult to maneuver but facing fashion emergencies at the same time can be problematic. To deal with such emergencies, we bring you our latest collaboration with fashion enthusiast Asmaul Hossna Tisha.
She has been one of our consistent clients for about 7  years and depends on our quality and sophistication.
Captured by: @sami.un.bashir

According to Tisha, a sudden lunch gathering or meeting can be daunting but to save yourself the trouble of searching, I have a solution. In my search for a pair that is both pretty and furthermore agreeable for everyday use, I found a pair of excellently glazed white and gold dual strap flats.

She stylises a formal dark suit with a pair of velvety brown platform heels. The wedge heel add a smooth finish that are edgy yet comfortable. She also adds flair with a matching chocolate brown handbag with metal handles.

Tisha finds that conferences are the main time when she gets the opportunity to explore different avenues regarding style since she meets distinctive nation individuals. For one such event, she opted for denim and red overcoat combo with a flawless flower weaved square heel to compliment her look.

To add some bling to her look Tisha adorns a pair of sparkly flats. It has an adaptable sole and perfect stones crafted vertically, making you look effortlessly stunning. It’s an absolute necessity in a tall young ladies repertoire, as she said.

What a great journey with Tisha we must say. To catch a glimpse of more such winter wonders visit or find us on Facebook Stay tuned and we'll be seeing you soon with our next story!