Cozy Winter Style by Nutzila

"The Best Style in Winter is Warmth” and none reflects that better than our hottest new collaboration with the very stylish Nazila Nihad. She is a local freelance fashion blogger whose blog focuses on the various wonderful aspects of life including travel, fashion and her own personal favorite, cats.
Captured by: @shoaib021995

Frosty mornings and toasty warm plaid loafers are quintessential for your everyday needs. Take a page out of Freelancer Nazila Nihad's book, who wears them on every occasion from early morning classes to casual meet-ups.

according to Nazila, it is essential for winter so shouldn't be limited to shawls and jackets!  Adorn your feet with Efni Navy Blue, you can pair it up with an all denim on denim outfit as Nazila did to keep things casual and comfortable. 

Feel the heat in these trendy checkered loafers as worn by Nazila, for that bold red look. Nazila suggests pairing your favourite winter sweater with matching red loafers, to add a dash of festivity to your look with the current Christmasy December Weather.

This  preppy & pretty shoe exhibits a slightly elevated heel and classic pin-up bow twist at the front - Nazila believes they are perfect for winter night outs when you don't wanna sacrifice comfort for style.

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