Celebrating Eid is always a joyous experience, no matter where you are in the world! Follow this feature to view our latest collaboration with Bangladeshi digital content creator Nawrin with whom we discover what celebrating Eid is like a world apart in Ontario, Canada. Nawrin’s lifestyle blog @life__happened aptly named, gives us a taste of life as a full time working mom and a blogger.

Nawrin picks a pair of simplistic yet gorgeous heels for her summer daytime look to keep light on feet throughout busy Eid mornings but still add a bit of oomph to outfit with its intricate pearl detailing!

Nawrin finds that afternoon parties call for a stylish yet comfortable look which she found in our dual strap rose gold pencil heels! This versatile pair can be worn with almost any outfit, on any occasion.

Nawrin's take on the dinner party look entails going all in! Eid dinners are the perfect occasion to glam yourself up for some night time family fun for which we have a matching pair of maroon heels studded  with pearls for added bling! 

It was a wonderful collaboration to create this look! To catch a glimpse of more such upcoming looks visit www.lamodebd.com or find us on Facebook @laMode.bd. Stay tuned and we'll be seeing you soon with our next story!