Your identity influences your personal style and vice versa. The right pair of shoes are an accessory to how you represent yourself. This collaboration with artistic influencer Jahanara Hoque highlights how there is a pair for your every identity and a shoe to match every part of you!

As a Bangladeshi- American, Jahanara takes pride in her culture and greatly appreciates the times she does get to represent her culture through her style. Her personality shines through in her blog where she illustrates her love for art, hoarding books and dressing up with a sense of fashion only unique to her! It was a great pleasure working with her on this series and hearing the stories that highlights her experiences!

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Modest fashion has always been Jahanara's style, even without hijab. But more recently she has been loving wearing abayas and long dresses. A pair of gold flats are the definition of elegance and class. She feels like these shoes paired with the right outfit can make you look like a queen and it adds a touch of effortless regality! According to her, the right pair of shoes can make anyone feel royal!

Jahanara narrates that art is a huge part of her life and as she works with paint a lot, she prefers shoes that she can easily take off and set aside when she needs to get messy. However, no matter how casual she dresses, she doesn't compromise style! Hence she opts for cross strap sliders that are so comfortable and look so stylish - they automatically make your outfit look more well put together without trying too hard. Although she prefers to wear them more casually, they can be dressed up with more minimal but elegant pieces. They are perfect for everyday wear and she gets complimented on them often! 

As Jahanara says, a good pair of red shoes go with a lot of deshi wear. A pair of red knotted flats are very elegant and although it works with sarees, she thinks the style of the shoe compliments a selwar kameez the best. This pair is perfect to add a pop of color in your outfits. Another perk to this pair is that it compliments her more western looks as well, as sometimes she likes to wear it with a casual blouse and pants - instantly making her outfit look more refined.

It is always a great pleasure collaborating with such a spirited individual like Jahanara! For more looks with other renowned collaborators visit or find us on Facebook Stay tuned and we'll be seeing you soon with our next story!