United We Stand in collaboration with Tasnim Zarrin Sabbir, Menka & Studio Picturerific


Women who support women are more successful and admiring other women's strengths help us to come out as stronger individuals. When one of us wins, we all do! This collaboration gives other women the courage to pursue their own dreams.

As a positive influential public figure Tasnim Zarrin Sabbir (@tasmeraki ) exhibits a vision of confidence and humility which she wears like a suit of armor.  

This is portrayed perfectly by the drape of a lemon yellow saree from Menka's Spring Collection by Rupa, the vibrant founder and designer of Menka (@menkabangladesh).

One of our very own multi-coloured flats with criss cross straps, was chosen to complete the look. Finally to frame this moment is none other than the keen eye of iconic photographer @studio_picturerific


To portray her uniqueness as an individual Tasnim Zarrin Sabbir (@tasmeraki) opts for a periwinkle blue saree with dashes of peachy pink, an ideal choice from Menka (@menkabangladesh ). 

To contrast this bold choice she chose an alluring red velveteen purse with gold detailing and a chic pointed heel in matching shimmery gold tones. For a play on colours, @studio_picturerific ties it all in with her one of a kind vision.


A modern day working woman who tells her stories through social influence, Tasnim Zarrin Sabbir (@tasmeraki) pairs a simple yet elegant bright yellow saree from Menka's alluring Spring collection (@menkabangladesh). 

For understated bling, a bold red heel is her go to for a dash of sophistication. Encapsulating the spirit of her journey, @studio_picturerific brings all the colours to life in this series!


It was an honour collaborating with four pillars of strength for this series! For more looks with other renowned collaborators visit www.lamodebd.com or find us on Facebook @laMode.bd. Stay tuned and we'll be seeing you soon with our next story!