Y2K Collection

Get it like it’s the 2000s

Worth The Investment

Inspiration and story behind the creation- All the 90’s babies and every one after that know what the 2000s was all about. From Chunky platform heels to flip phones, and; the never-ending love for pop songs by Britney Spears, Spice Girls, and; so much more. It’s one thing to recall memories. And another is to relive them.

With the Y2K collection, we wanted to capture the love we have for the early 2000s. And we would love it if you indulge; in the era of Y2K as much as we have. Get your groove on now!

Ease at every step

The shoes of the Y2K collection are very comfortable to wear as it is made with memory foam. That is used on both the upper and lower soles of the shoes to make everyday commute both comfy and trendy.

Get a closer look

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