Agape In February with Parchmentstains


Take a walk through the wonderful side of life, full of blooming love and the sweetest moments. Moments that are excerpts of a mundane day turned memorable and which is to be cherished forever. Join us and @parchmentstsains on this journey as we explore the story of the outfits worn through such a thrilling journey as we find out how a simple range of accessories becomes a part of treasured experiences.

Check out more of such sweet things about life from the Instagram page of @parchmentstains, a feed that exudes wholesomeness with all its lovely posts. A complete feed for the heart and for the soul.

A basic pair of red heels for an elegant date night. Annie is perfect for date nights. A pair that frames the memory of a lovely date.

The Ember Rose Redefined pair is just perfect for a spur of the moment informal date for you to seize the day and the happiness. 

A subtle Eleanor bag with a chic blush tone for capturing all those rosy moods in your mind and heart.

This oxford shoe is called Beth Harmon, named after the enigmatic character herself. Once can easily add an air of mystery with the wonderful shoe.

 An inspirational set of accessorizing with La Mode bags and shoes that will have you floating on cloud 9 from spending a wholesome day with your special someone.

Our heart is full from this wholesome collaboration with @parchmentstains. To catch a glimpse of more such upcoming looks visit or find us on Facebook and Instagram @lamodebd. Stay tuned and we'll be seeing you soon with our next story!