Unleashing Craftiness with The Craftaholic Witch

In this blog we explore the world of leather crafting with @the_craftaholic_witch. La Mode took a step towards sustainability towards the beginning of this year. Along with other steps to be sustainable, we realized every production creates faux leather scraps that adds to wastage in the surrounding. But the leather pieces are so beautiful that it felt wrong to throw away something that could be reused for something. And that something being faux leather jewellery!

We are glad that we could entrust The Craftaholic Witch with this project, just like she has put her trust in us with this. She has always been crafty and has shown us the beauty of truly handmade designs that speak uniqueness and love. Reason why we are a fashion house of handmade designs. 

To satiate your curiosity, we have made a DIY jewellery box. It contains 10 different leather scarps and other jewellery making tools for you to build your own set of jewellery just the way you like. 

Here is an exquisite example of a great design. The earring. The shoe is from our collection, namely Zora. The very shoe is just an extraordinary match with the earrings made by her.

Or you can make a cute pair of bracelets to match with your friends. Make the gift with love because that is what friends deserve.

Simple yet elegant pair of Novah heels and cute earrings make for quite an anthem for the fashion lovers who want to express themselves with minimalism. 

Collection of earrings made by her careful hands. Ranging from cute to glam, get elegantly inspired from her craft making skills.

Make morning easier and calmer with a pretty earring and a easy slide on pair of quilted design. We call this pair by Fluffy Zigzag.

Making your own jewellery is about more than owning another pair of jewellery. It is about expressing yourself, wearing your taste, making a statement. A tribute to yourself in exchange of taking care of mother nature. Everybody wins from this. We hope you will gladly take part in this endeavor. If you are looking for details on how to get a box for yourself or someone else, knock us through Facebook or Instagram

Visit the website's sustainable page to learn more about how we are planning to be a nature-friendly brand. Learn about the DIY set by clicking on this link. When you purchase through us, you make the conscious choice of helping the local artisans, promote Bangladeshi artists like The Craftaholic Witch and help nature flourish. Visit her page to see what more fabulous creations is she upto!

Our heart is full from this wholesome collaboration with The Craftaholic Witch. To catch a glimpse of more such upcoming looks visit www.lamodebd.comFacebook @laMode.bd and Instagram @lamodebd. Stay tuned and we'll be seeing you soon with our next story!