Simplicity & effortless Beauty With Hridi Ahmed



A heartwarming collaboration with @hridi ahmed, showcasing bold and inspiring looks that epitomize simplicity. She is the epitome of classic style and traditional minimalism. The vibe exudes an illusion of impeccable refinement with the shining touch of eternal beauty.

Visit the Instagram feed of @hridi ahmed to get a peek of  how elegance combined with a touch of minimalism results in flawless beauty.

 Our Emonie Black exemplify refinement and will undoubtedly add  layer of sophistication to your self-confidence.
  Even with the simplest of outfits, @hridi ahmed pulled off the entire look with our Ruby Jo bag. A simple way of life, she believes that less is, while you have the collection, why not go minimalist? With the Ruby Jo, you may reclaim your fashion flair.
  The sophisticated yet delicate colors, as well as the comfy pairs, allow you to stay in style for an indefinite period. Emonie Black can keep you comfortable in a casual outfit while yet allowing you to seem polished for business meetings or social engagements.

  The pointy heeled shoe is the pinnacle of refined style. Melanie, the ideal shoe that allows us to re-acclimate to our lives after a prolonged break at residence.

   The elegance of monochromatic outfits in a shade of grey is incomparable. Zibanka strikes the perfect blend of beauty and efficiency. Style and grace will be at your fingertips with this cross-body bag.

  Take a stroll through the city and take in the serenity that it exudes. With minimalism wielding the fashion scepter, you'll be adorning the fashion in stunning designs like this.
   Our stunning Zibanka sling handbag conceals much more than meets the eye at first look. With a leather strap fastening and a metal front panel, this bag epitomizes simplicity combined with effortless beauty.
  Sandals with a wedge, like our Emonie, add elegance to any outfit. Emonie's effortless style will automatically enhance your overall look.
   Elegance requires the proper balance of distinction, naturalness, and simplicity. It was an amazing delight to collaborate with @hridi.ahmed on capturing the effortless grace of simplicity. To see more of these forthcoming looks, please visit or follow us on Facebook Till then, keep an eye out for our next tale and we'll see you soon!