Reign your love for the timeless classic style with ProtyAsha



 A heartwarming collaboration with @protyasha that exhibits vivid and inspirational aesthetics that reinforce culture. She exemplified how effortlessly enigmatic one may become when La Mode creations are marvels that enliven one's life. Her combination of ethnic styles has always inspired us to narrate about heritage while demonstrating fusion beauty.

We’ve been able to weave a story and demonstrate how you may dress up our shoes in both ethnic and fusionist styles. Visit the Instagram feed of @protyasha to explore how she exudes grandeur, a timeless aesthetic associated with royalty.

To emanate both aristocracy and majesty, reinvigorate your passion for the timelessly classic style that she presents to you with La Mode

A handbag that embodies both luxury and functionality. Make a statement with a well-chosen pair of bags that flawlessly exhibit magnificence.


 A magnificent pair of faux leather micro heels filled with vibrant hand-painted Rickshaw Art, culminating in an appearance of cultural elegance. Fluorescent details bring a contemporary twist to a centuries-old heritage.


This stunning combination epitomizes beauty to the hilt. Our Lily Grace bag along with Roselle is the ideal approach to transmit grandeur in addition to beauty

Dress to dazzle with these trendy heels. These bows are a delicate art form that adds a charming, feminine touch to the overall appearance. Express your love with our designs, which instantly infuse a mystical ambiance into your outfit

The fusionist appeal might be enhanced by combining ethnic styles. This is the perfect way to stand out throughout the festive season. Immaculate beauty is exemplified in this stunning collection.

What better time of year than the forthcoming winter festivity to delight in a  royal indulgence? A Contrast combination of Lily grace and Fluffy puff heel might transport you to the quilted fashion heaven

The thuds of these shoes will instill confidence in your beautiful glam look like  music to the ear. Offer your festive spirit a twist with Fluffy puff heel .

The incorporation of ethnic styles may enrich your fusionist appeal. Thereby, it was an incredible pleasure to work with @protyasha on portraying ethnic aesthetics that reinforce tradition. To see more of these forthcoming looks, please visit or follow us on Facebook Till then, keep an eye out for our next tale and we'll see you soon!!