BESPOKE EDGE ET CHIC by Troyee & Mithi

A lot of trends are making their ways back into our lives but this winter is all about welcoming neon colors and snake texture. Hit the streets in style like the fashion bloggers  @spunklass22 and @mithi.chy, who demonstrate how to pair the beloved pairs!

Mithi, a professional marketeer and an up-and-coming fashion blogger, loves to create unconventional look books that combine her love of athleisure, prints and sunglasses. Her blog reflects her sartorial adventures with fashion. Troyee, a marketing strategist by day and a bona fide fashion blogger by night, is a lover of all things with a cool girl vibe. Creating edgy look books with a bit of ‘spunk’ is what her refreshing style is all about. The sister duo of Mithi and Troyee brings the year’s most spectacular collaboration as they style La Mode’s limited-edition heels.

This series was brought to life by the vision of @shoaib0219

This is the time of the year when structured dresses, stashed away in the dark corner of your wardrobe, get their moment in the spotlight. Troyee and Mithi gives a unique twist to their look by adding LaMode's Serpentine to their ensemble.⁣⁣
Can one ever go wrong with a dress? For this outfit, Mithi and Troyee chose to mimic European street-style chic!Winter vacations are all about snug and fun, so for those of you who love carefree layering, these outfit combinations can be your go-to! Nothing screams wintry chic more than snakeskin sandals and an attire with a monochromatic hue. To add some contrast, bear a conceal stripe brown bag which will bring the favorite dash of color.


Can’t seem to figure out what to wear to that important meeting or presentation? Look no further than a power suit, paired with vibrant heels for some added drama. Troyee and Mithi each wore a power suit that represents the duality of their own personal styles – edgy and eclectic.

Troyee gives a unique twist to a traditional power suit by wearing a hunter-green striped ensemble that reflects the flamboyance and flair of her day-to-day style.
What really pulls the final look together are La Mode’s neon green heels which give her outfit an extra oomph!

On the other hand, Mithi gives a classic and chic spin to a power suit in a cool shade of azure. Her suit delivers in versatility as it can be styled in a myriad of ways for different occasions.

La Mode’s hot pink heels add a bold pop of fuchsia to her sophisticated outfit.

So take a step into a sunny state of mind in this cold season with the fashion likes of the sister duo- their styles adored by many for their unique and glamorous appeal.
It was a great pleasure collaborating with ardent fashion enthusiasts Troyee and Mithi. For more looks with other renowned collaborators visit or find us on Facebook Stay tuned and we'll be seeing you soon with our next story!