Summers are the ultimate season of getting cozy with fashion ensembles. It is a season with its repertoire of energetic mornings, lazy afternoons and humble nights. A season plastered with heather-purple skies and beautiful hums of nature. The bespoke fashion blogger and influencer Nazila Nihad embraces this season with her cat in hitherto with plays of comfortable bags and shoes that go beyond its beauty.

Every summer is a unique experience and this quarantined summer has indeed been one. The scorching heat is one of the few constants of the season. Join us in a fashion conversation with her as we explore the world of summer fittings, quarantine style. See the conversation take on life in her Instagram feed @nutzila.

A look of grace with classic polka dots adorned summer dress. A touch of class added to the look with the pretty dual toned Adelina heel and a warm pocketbook bag, Susie.

A look made stylish with a simple Juno tote bag even for a simple run of errand. The city styled Reen beige flat is also water-resistant in case of unannounced downpours.

A look of strength, incorporate the corporate stunner look with vintage-looking Darcy Ayden shoes and an enigmatic black Vivacios bag.

In her own words, “Minus the makeup and with a mask on - this is pretty much what I wear when I go grocery shopping. My flared denims and soft sunflower T-shirt have gotten a lot of love in this quarantine. And what could be a more comfortable companion other than a pair of these durable squared flats Reen? Absolutely love the strong overlapping straps that make an otherwise ordinary pair of flats super classy. Another perfect companion is this larger than life tote, Juno, which minimizes the hassle of carrying back home a whole lot of shopping bags when you’re on the go. “

Consisting of fashion tips and insightful ideas, it was a wonderful collaboration in conversation with the lovely Nazila Nahid! To catch a glimpse of more such upcoming looks visit or find us on Facebook . Stay tuned and we'll be seeing you soon with our next story!