A co-creation between @lamodebd and @madewithlove_bd which bound with love. This is creation made for the writers and planner people who loves putting down their thoughts on papers. The act of writing is like a meditation. The mind is an endless ocean with waves of emotions partaking in our day-to-day activities. The mind is where we nurture and grow our thoughts and bring it to fruit when we present it to the world. And what could be better than presenting it on beautiful pieces of papers that withhold those beautiful thoughts? Beautiful pieces of paper as made by the minds of the two collaborators.
It was planned carefully over a year with multiple revisits to detail to make sure something close to perfection is achieved. The collaboration holds in itself a deep appreciation for locally sourced material and uplifting local craftsmanship to not only portray the skills that our very own people have but also how much carbon footprint we can reduce by opting to choose local materials over materials sourced from abroad.

This a nice and warm brown faux leather bound that can serve the purpose of a beautiful folio cover for protecting your precious thoughts written on folio books. Just note down those important appointments you have for the day or some important reminder.

But if you are looking for a cuter version of the same solace, there is the noir and blush version of the same folios. So, match your thought canvas to your liking.

Then there are these agenda books that come in two different forms: weekly and monthly. Available in an immersive blue and heartwarming yellow, the experience will change what feels like work into a peaceful state of mind. Just write all reminders away and say goodbye to schedule frenzy.

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