Retrospect fashion with Fairooz Nazifa


Discover the golden side of fashion with @fairooznazifa. A collaboration that transports you back to strong fashion which is functional as wellfrom the ‘40s. The palette is all about fundamental solid colours like a dark black or toasty brown or angelic white. While time is where fashion transcends new elements of life, some are worth richer with age. Vintage fashion is all about making it look as easy and flawless as it feels.

Visit the artful page of @fairooznazifa to get a glimpse of the retro mood. Let’s take a spin on what rich fashion means where old is gold and everything is about rustic and raw beauty.

Fairooz as dressed in the oxford shoes called 'Beth Harmon', named after the brilliant character from the famous TV series 'The Queen's Gambit'. These shoes were once the staple worn by the ladies of 40’s setting a fashion epoch that would ricochet through the fashion world for centuries. Make it a fashion accomplice with a solid-coloured outfit to either contrast or match up the shoes.

Beth Harmon in a warm brown shade and an angelic white vintage piece that will have anyone freezing time and turning the clock back to good times. A nostalgic piece with room for a modern rendition.

Dressed with ‘Darcy Ayden’, portraying what it means to dress in harmony with rustic looks perfect for corporate fashion triumph. Dress like the power women of an era where fashion is served as the main dish served with a side of right attitude.

While the pair is a perfect reminiscence of vintage corporate wear, it can also be styled to look like a transient fashion for after work hours. Through the buzz of the day and the neons of the night, one thing will remain constant: timeless beauty.

Consisting of old things retro and lightherted, it was a wonderful collaboration with the lovely Fairooz Nazifa! To catch a glimpse of more such upcoming looks visit or find us on Facebook . Stay tuned and we'll be seeing you soon with our next story!