Minazification X La Mode featuring EID collection 2016

We're back with another collab with our beloved Minazification and this time she talks about the collection we lined up for Eid 2016. Aydha Mehnaz picked out a few of our star pieces from the collection and she talks about how the range of wedges, block heels and even the flat shoes are perfect for everyday adventures. Find more on Minazification's take on our collection and more on http://minazification.squarespace.com/blog/2016/6/30/-the-pandora-squad-x-l-mode.

She starts off by saying how it's so very important to have the basic wedges and block heels for all those who want that perfect comfortable lift but do not want to endure the painful consequences & aches at the end of a hectic day, especially on Eid.-
"I have always dreaded wearing high heels or stilettos, why?  Partly because I can’t really walk to high heels and also cause constantly wearing heels all the time does more bad than good to your hip joints!"

Aydha goes on to explain that wearing wedges and block heels, however, shouldn't mean that there would be any compromises to your style. She talks about her favorites from our collection this time:
"When I wore the Pandora and Majestic Beige, they kind of mould into the same shape of your feet for instant comfort; quite contrary to the popular belief that your shoes will ease in after you’ve worn them a couple of times. La Mode has used very exquisite material this time similar to what you’ll find in a pair of Zaras or Aldos."

She goes on to add "The two of my favorites especially from La Mode’s Eid collection is the Pandora: the jewel encrusted block heel in black and The Majestic Beige that has a unique zig zag leather work..."

Minazification offers up some really neat rules to follow when picking out shoes-
"...My advice for you would be pick some very versatile pieces that you can wear with multiple outfits. This year I am focusing more on investment pieces such as more blacks and take better care of your shoes. "

Pandora, our chic and versatile piece in Black, also happens to be one of Aydha's favorites.-

"The Pandora mid heel for example is a dope investment piece which you can rock with both traditional outfits and suits at the same time. I love the idea how Fahmida Apu incorporated jewels on the heel area that totally adds the extra bling that makes it a perfect pair to wear all year around."

Next in line, she showcases the Trinity Gold and goes on to say how it is an amazingly elegant piece for traditionals and parties.
"Another pair that I totally adore is this Trinity Gold jewel encrusted meddies , these are more like a pair you can pull off with culottes and salwar kameezes, I feel you guys can rock it way better with embellished kameezes to match your outfit colours."

Whether it's for a fancy day in or busy day out, wedges and block heels could make all the difference in the world when you're looking forward to a hectic day. "No more pain and a whole lot to gain" would be the perfect phrase to  describe these perfectly stylish stiletto replacements. Wouldn't you agree?

Along with these handpicked few, a lot more exciting pieces wait in store for you at www.lamodebd.com or laMode.bd on facebook. Much love to Aydha Mehnaz for her wonderful outtakes on our pieces. For more into the world of Minazification visit www.minazification.com. Stay tuned while we bring more exciting collabs and much more for you guys!