TINKLES X LÁ MODE by Aydha Mehnaz

Tinkles, one of our signature products, is our line of changeable shoe accessories and we can proudly claim it to be the first of its kind in Bangladesh! Starting from blings to flowers, an exciting range of bows and even ruby red lips, we've got them all. Why you need them you ask? Well, we collaborated with International Modest fashion blogger, @Minazification to showcase how she wears her tinkles by La Mode.Click here to see more- http://www.minazification.com/blog/2015/7/8/tinkles-x-l-mode


Minazification asks us the most basic question, something we all wish we could do-
"Ever wished you could change your shoes in a whim? Having a million things to do everyday I hardly have time to get ready and often end up carrying everything on the go."

 Then, she proceeds to give the simple solution of transforming the same pair of shoes from work mode to the glam mode in a snap with the help of La Mode Tinkles!

"In search of the perfect solution of how I can easily transform myself from a nerdy workaholic to the ultimate glamazon I have partnered with the creative team of Lá Mode to show you girls their “Tinkle” series of changeable accessories. The accessories come in the shape of lips, bows, and jewel like stones that can be attached to your favorite pair to transform how you look."


She also adds "Like for example if you’re wearing ballet flats or smart black leather heels throughout the entire day and you haven’t got time to change your footwear for a night out, you can just take a pair of tinkles in your handbag and you’re ready for the day AND night!"

Finally, Aydha Mehnaz ends on the wonderful note of approving La Mode Tinkles for one and all occasions, even referring them to be the savior of the day!-
"On Eid day, I love to spend time with my family. Usually my cousins and I end up visiting each other the entire day wearing different outfits, and these tinkles just might be my savior for the day.Like a jack-of-all-trades, I’ll just change my tinkles matching every outfit and fool my cousins that I’ve got a brand new pair of shoes matching all my outfits! Very clever Aydha, very clever indeed."

Here’s a quick little video of how you can transform your favorite tinkle pairs to match your ever-changing looks . <3 

Visit Lá Mode’s website at www.lamodebd.com or find us on facebook at LaMode.bd and explore all the exciting Tinkles, combos and more waiting for you!