La Mode !

in the name of ALLAH;

Our first blog post !

By the grace of ALLAH, Lá mode was launched on the 5th of February 2012 & founded on July 2011 with an aim to to provide you best attire without emptying your pockets.
Since than Lá mode established itself as a trusted source of unique ladies footwear as We proudly announce our products as “Made in BD”
Today, Lá mode renowned for its fashion authority, unique design & craftsmanship with best quality. 
With its exclusive products made creatively by a team of young entrepreneur with a sense of chic and excellent craftsmanship -they design, collect best material available around the world & crafts best quality footwear just for you.
All our products are hand crafted at our own workshop.
Over the years, the label has further expanded its collections with elements of BD lifestyle in a contemporary way, making playful yet sophisticated design with timeless elegance. 
Finally,Lá mode dedicates itself to quality, unique design, and an exceptional value for the price.
Come join the spirit of ultimate fashion footwear for ladies to indulge yourself with uniqueness & sophistication which is constructed with high quality craftsmanship 
we welcome you to the world of Lá mode.